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Try to balance out what you do on your writing with the other personal life activities. When I first started out, I kept a kitchen timer next to my desk so that I would adhere to a schedule. What it really did for me was to keep me from straying off to “fun” things I lked If you needto do. A ticking kitchen timer might just be the asnwer to keeping you on track.


It can be a psychological wrestling match between writing and your personal life. When you spend hours on end writing, you feel guilty about what you are missing out on in your personal life. When you are at play with your family, you think about the hours gone from writing. Stick to a schedule and keep working to find the right balance for you.


Some of the activities in this week might take you outside your comfort zone. You are in control of broadening your experience. Remember, one thing at a time. After you have done something one hundred times, you should be pretty good at it.New activities all get more comfortable with repitition.


When you monitor your book sales this week, look for new ways and methods to get exposure. If sales are lower than last month, now is the time for you to hustle up more with your activities.

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