Build an Audience. Help someone with what you know.

Sell Good Stuff to Them. Give it just as they want it.

 Nothing Happens Until  Somebody Sells Something.

 Make Them Come Back For More!


People are out there building better mousetraps all the time. Technology is advancing faster than I can read about it. And time slows down for no one.

Fewer people have jobs now. People are buying necessities, not wants. What has happened in the past does not particularly apply to present.

Put your hope into being an independent business person. Convince yourself that you will be enthralled with running your own business and collecting your profits.  Get your family to buy-in and support you so they will be proud of your accomplishment.

Over the next three months, I’ll be adding more tools, resources, and information into these pages. Check back from time to time.

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It is my personal mission to encourage and develop intelligent business people and grow new financial independence.