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Long -term impacts of short-term inflation

Prices are going up now and per economists, will likely go higher in 2022.
Country Financial of Bloomington, IL recently conducted a poll to their policyholders about that budget pain.
Gasoline/Travel has gone up 86%. Groceries up 80%. Utilities up 51%. Eating out and takeout up 67%. Home renovation costs up 48%. New home costs and rental costs up 42%.
The past three months have been particulary painful as people suffer through COVID and financial difficulties.

Country Financial Manager of Planning Support, Scott Jensen, recommends you recommit to these three basic financial principles:

Live on less than you earn
When everything seems to cost more than it used to, take a closer look at your spending and get some priorities. According to the Country Financial Security Index, nearly half of those surveyed (40%) plan to cut back on dining out while 30% plan to delay updating phones or other technology. No one likes to cut back, but tough decisions today could pay off in the long term.

Maintain your emergency fund
If we’ve learned anything in the past couple of years, we know we need to be financially prepared for whatever life throws our way. Build up and maintain your emergency fund to cover up to six months of expenses. And make sure you are really in an emergency before you consider dipping into those funds.

Recommit to saving for your future
While you may be tempted to stop or reduce your savings when expenses rise, Jensen reminds us about the power of time. By regularly contributing to your savings, you get the advantage of growth over time in the market and the power of compounding interest, which can impact your results. That could set you up for financial success. History has shown that inflation at this level, doesn’t last forever, but if you stop saving during rising inflation, you don’t get that time back and the cost to your financial goals may be long lasting.


People are out there building better mousetraps all the time. Technology is advancing faster than I can read about it. And time slows down for no one.

Fewer people have jobs now. People are buying necessities, not wants. What has happened in the past does not particularly apply to present.

Put your hope into being an independent business person. Convince yourself that you will be enthralled with running your own business and collecting your profits.  Get your family to buy-in and support you so they will be proud of your accomplishment.

Over the next three months, I’ll be adding more tools, resources, and information into these pages. Check back from time to time.