find your limitations

Too many of us are lost, confused, and frustrated with what has happened with our
lives in the last two years. Those three steps forward have been disturbed by the
big, ugly one step backwards.

I have found that knowledge and personal growth comes from education, whether it is gaining
street smarts or sitting in a classroom. Once you learn how to do something and why its done in a certain way
that knowledge is your tool to use forever.

Don’t ask me to do brain surgery, I don’t want to learn. Don’t ask me to build a levee to
hold back a flooding river, go hire someone who knows this stuff. In other words, I realize I
have limitations. You have limitations and eventually you will find out what those are.

what clients are saying

“I'd still be sitting in the garage drinking been and depressed if it wasn't for LeeAnne. She helped me connect out to hot-shot freight haulers to move my product down to the huge market in Southern California. She also hounded me to get my backside in gear. I'll never have a month with no sales ever again.”
Ellis M, Blue Lake CA
“I'm basically a lazy person and I'd rather make a thousand phone calls than go knock on doors. I'm still a lay-about, but I do have good moments where I get the important stuff done. LeeAnne may not carry a whip, but she does own a cattle prod and that's what it took for me to make more of an effort.”
Ofelia D, Vista CA
Call Center Manager
“I wasted years running around to conventions and trade shows, trying to prove I was just as good as those corporate big boys. Lee Anne helped me find the real customers who liked and trusted me for this custom work. Now, I'm a big fish to my clients and that was all I wanted.”
Lukas G, Las Vegas NV
Business Consultant
“I have the attention span of a gnat and a real short fuse on my temper. I'm hard to get along with because of that. It's hard to believe I let that little woman, LeeAnne boss me around like she did. But I'm glad she did. I can work for longer periods of time and concentrate better now.”
Enrique O., Baja CA Mexico
Metal Sculptor
“Sometimes the trees get in the way when you're trying to view the forest. All I could see was a forest of problems. I was overwhelmed. LeeAnne hid my chainsaw and taught me how to break jobs down into smaller parts. I can look at a huge job differently now. I stopped doing the wrong things and started doing more of the right things.”.
Bertie L., Santee, CA
Custom Wood Tables

The Kitchen Table

Get out a piece of paper and a pencil and copy down these statements. These are positive affirmations designed to help your state of mind and thought process. It is the “yes, I can” rather than the “nope, I can’t.”

I have the power to accomplish everything I need to do today.
I love the feeling of getting a head start.
It’s normal for me to start projects early.
Being proactive comes naturally to me.
I take action and get things done.
Making the best use of my time comes easy to me.
I’m the kind of person who always dives straight into my work.
I enjoy starting quickly and beating others to the punch.
Making things happen is just what I do.
Others rely on me because I always follow through.
I enjoy working hard and getting things done.

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Lee Anne Wonnacott Weltsch has been working at various jobs since her teen years. Her business acumen is focused on people struggling with their businesses and new businesses that are less than a year old. She has a 2003 Master’s Degree from the University of Phoenix. Lee Anne conducts a no-holds-barred approach to solving business problems. Her religion is the National Football League and an Oakland Raider fan since 1967. She prefers a Sheriff over a city cop, a pickup over a coupe, a four-speed over an automatic and a Colt.45 over a 9 mm.
She’s a sucker for children under three and anyone in their 90’s. She will happily push the buttons that put you on hold until next week.
Every book she writes feels like her first one.  LeeAnne is married to her high school sweetheart and lives in Portland OR USA 

Here is the bottom line:  every story is about a character trying to accomplish something with an obstacle in the way.  And what that character does and the action he/she takes in the face of those obstacles, well, that is your story.

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